Home security is made that much easier with automatic door locks. If you live in a city apartment or in a home in a not-so-safe neighborhood, chances are fairly good that you have several locks on your door that you must lock to keep your home safe from intruders. But how easy is it to lose a key or forget a key, or to forget to lock certain locks when you leave the house? Keys become a hassle and a nuisance, particularly when you have a busy life that you’re trying to run (which most of us do). With automatic locks, you can leave that headache behind while still maintaining your home security for your home. Here’s how:

Automatic locks are ALWAYS locked.

These home security products are not going to let you leave your home exposed because you forgot to lock the door; they remain locked at all times except for when you want to enter. You can come and go as you please, run down the hall of the apartment building to visit your neighbor friend without having to bring keys and lock your door, because it’ll automatically lock for you. And when you want to get back in, you just give it the accepted and authorized personalized passcode you created when you initially installed the lock. That might be a key code, a digital key with your smartphone, a card, or even your fingerprint if you’ve got serious home security.

Automatic locks are easy to connect to home alarm systems.

When you have an automatic lock on your front door that keeps the door locked, there’s usually some sort of electrical mechanism in the lock. This is what tells the deadbolt or other locking mechanism to return to its locked position after you close the door. Because of this electrical connection, you can easily connect automatic door locks to your home security or home alarm system. That way, if the charge is disabled in an unauthorized way or if someone forces entry into your home, your alarm system is contacted and you are warned of their intrusion.

Automatic locks are built for convenience.

It’s true that automatic locks are made ideally for home security because they keep the door locked at all times unless you authorize entry. But even on top of that, they are highly convenient because you don’t have to carry any keys with you. If you have a keypad automatic lock, you’ll have the code memorized, so it’s always in your head and you can just input the code when you want to get in your house. If you have a smartphone lock, your phone will have the digital access code on it, so it’s always on your phone and you can just pull it out when you get to your door. Some smartphone locks won’t even require that you pull your phone out of your pocket; their low energy Bluetooth technology will allow them to detect the phone nearby and let you in without you even having to do anything. And yet the door remains locked to any other desired entrant.

Automatic door locks are made to be personal security products for you. They’re meant to work for your home, your lifestyle, and your personality, making your life easier and better with minimal work from you. This is home automation and home security at their best.