In a place like Las Vegas where it gets incredibly hot during the summertime, a smart thermostat might be a lifesaver. The summer sun is very unforgiving; indeed, several hundred people die from excessive heat exposure each year in the United States. That’s not including those who must be hospitalized due to dehydration or heat exposure, let alone those who are just ridiculously uncomfortable in the hot temperatures. With home automation, you can have a cooling system that will prevent you from having to deal with these issues even without having to program or monitor the system. Home automation should work for you with the greatest of ease, and that is what smart thermostats are for.

Expense Concerns

Household energy usage meter 186796121Smart thermostats are not the most inexpensive of heaters – they are actually quite expensive, which in the minds of some homeowners makes them not worthwhile. But when you’re considering all the costs, including the financial costs of initial purchase, heating bills, and medical emergency bills from heat disasters, they may end up saving you money. These home automation products can actually calculate your electricity bill for you right there on your wall; they’ll tell you what to expect of your monthly bill based on current usage habits, and if you change a setting or two they’ll immediately recalculate your estimated monthly bill. You’ll never have to guess or worry that your usage is going to cost you an arm and a leg because you can know right then and there. Furthermore, this device comes with a built-in motion sensor to detect when a person is in the home. If you are usually at home but take an unplanned breakfast out with coworkers on a Saturday, your thermostat will recognize that no one is home and will automatically lower the energy expense so that you’re not spending extra to cool the apartment or house with nobody there. And if for any reason you need to change the temperature to make sure it’s a certain degrees Fahrenheit when you get home, you can remotely program it with your smartphone and it’ll adjust the thermostat in time for you to get home.

Learning Ability

Another reason the smart thermostat is called by that name is for its ability to learn. In your home, you probably have certain behaviors that you follow in fairly regular patterns – that’s just the routine of life. This kind of thermostat can actually learn from you and recognize when you’ll be home, when you’ll be leaving, and adjust the temperature to match. Indeed, if you always get home from work around 6, it’ll learn that and make sure the house is cooled to your desired temperature beforehand so that you can come home to a comfortable house. Additionally, they consider other factors that affect the temperature of the home: if it’s humid that day, it’ll take that into consideration, or if it’s extra dry, it’ll also factor that into its cooling mechanics.

Smart thermostats make home automation go above and beyond for Las Vegas residents because they can help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Helping you save on energy bills, preventing wasting, and protecting you from the dangers of heatstroke and heat exhaustion, these home automation products are a cut above the rest.